20 Oct


Anatomy of “STEM On Station” (SOS)

Orion’s Quest newest mission “STEM On Station” is coming to life and as you would expect much work and preparation […]


Our Sponsors

As a not-for profit, 501(C)(3), Orion’s Quest is funded solely by grants, gifts and donations. We work hard to identify and seek out sponsors and funding opportunities to support the program. Thanks for being a part of Orion’s Quest.

  • Casis
  • PSLZ
  • Lloyd
  • Michigan Space Grant
  • GPI
  • Meritor
  • DTE Energy Foundation
  • BioServe
  • Square One

Start your classroom on an educational journey. Orion’s Quest is an internet delivered program for upper elementary, middle and high school students that seeks to reach the “Next Generation of Explorers”.

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